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Yukon Tours: A Skagway Alaska Must-Do

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Why you should consider going to Yukon Territory while in Skagway

As a cruise port, Skagway has a lot to offer, including 10,000 other cruise ship passengers on its busiest days. If you’re looking to get away from the crowds and get closer to nature with one of the more scenic Skagway Alaska things to do, you could hardly do better than a trip up into the Yukon Territory.

The Yukon Territory can be reached in two ways: via the Klondike Highway or the White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad. Both offer unique experiences and differences. If you’re not sure which would be best for your group, you can check out our previous post for some helpful tips.

Thar’s Gold in Them There Hills

The Yukon Territory is home to the Klondike Gold fields, the namesake of the gold rush that made Skagway famous. The White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad follows the White Pass trail, which was used by rushers, along with the Chilkoot Trail, before the railroad was built.

While you won’t reach Dawson City on a day trip out of Skagway on the White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad, you can get to Lake Bennett. This large lake was the launch point of thousands of boats, once their captains made it over the pass.

Hit the Road, Jack

Taking a trip up into the Yukon means getting out of town. Between Skagway and the turnaround point in Carcross, there is only the small town of Fraser, British Columbia. By small, I mean almost non-existent, as the town consists of about 5 houses located right at the Canadian Customs Office.

Aside from getting away from the cramped quarters of Skagway, a journey into the Yukon also offers unparalleled views of several gorgeous lakes and mountain vistas. The longer tours visit both Bennett and Emerald Lakes, plus the Tormented Valley, Carcross Desert, and Carcross itself.

While you can get into the Yukon via the train, I highly recommend the small group tours, or even a private tour. These tours really let you get out an experience all the beautiful surroundings of the area.

Gee, Haw!

Another great part of most Yukon tours, and a must among things to do in Skagway, is the alliteratively named Caribou Crossing. Most tours stop here for lunch and the compound offers visitors the chance to mush with real Alaskan huskies. Some of the dogs have even raced in the Iditarod!

After an awesome lap with the sled dogs, make sure to visit the great wildlife display and Mountie museum in the main building of Caribou Crossing. Before you leave, don’t forget about the puppies! And goats! And alpacas! Oh my!

Try It. You’ll Like It!

Most Alaskan ports have a “must-do” trip. In Skagway, that trip is the Yukon, like along the White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad. While other Skagway tours may offer thrills and chills, if you’re interested in really seeing all that the area has to offer, you should definitely remember the Yukon.

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