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Chilkoot Trail Hike & Float

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Ready to adventure in the Alaskan wilderness? Embark on a guided hike through the temperate rainforest and enjoy a serene river float on the Chilkoot Trail Hike and Float. This experience offers a fantastic chance to exercise those sea legs, delve into local lore, and immerse yourself in nature as you follow the footsteps of early gold rushers on the iconic Chilkoot Trail. The 2-mile hike leads you to the Taiya River, where your raft awaits. Drift along the tranquil waters of the Taiya as your guide regales you with tales of the Gold Rush era, surrounded by the breathtaking Alaskan landscape.

This active Skagway shore excursion seamlessly blends hiking with a serene river float, giving you a break from the busy towns and crowded cruise ships. Begin the Chilkoot Trail Hike & Float with a picturesque 10-mile drive towards the historic town of Dyea, where your guide sets the scene for the journey ahead. Keep an eye out for eagles and seals as you cruise along the northern edge of the Taiya Inlet to the starting point of the grueling Chilkoot Trail, once trodden by hopeful prospectors seeking fortune in the Yukon's depths.

The hike commences through lush Alaskan foliage, gradually ascending the famous Chilkoot Trail. Designed for active explorers, expect moderate elevation gain (approximately 300 ft. over the initial half-mile, with a steep return to the starting elevation over the subsequent half mile, and a relatively flat last mile) and natural terrain. Along the way, your knowledgeable guide supplements the experience with insights into the region's vibrant ecosystem. This Skagway shore excursion concludes at the waiting raft, ready to carry you on a leisurely journey down the Taiya River, fed by glacial streams from high mountain peaks. Keep your eyes peeled for bald eagles while soaking in the unspoiled beauty of Alaska's wilderness.

After the float, indulge in a riverside snack before returning to Skagway, where ample time remains to explore the town or partake in another adventure. For adventurers seeking an exhilarating blend of activity and scenic splendor, the Chilkoot Trail Hike and Float Tour promises an unforgettable experience in Skagway.

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What's Included

A 10-mile drive by van brings you to the head of the historic Chilkoot Trail where a 2-mile moderate active hike retraces the steps of the Gold Rush stampeders through a green moss-covered northern temperate rainforest. At the end of the one-way hike, meet with the raft and suit up for a relaxing river float on the tranquil Taiya River. This tour is professionally narrated, and all necessary safety gear and instructions are included. There will be a light riverside snack included after the float portion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the weather be like?
One thing that is predictable about Alaskan coastal weather is that the weather can be variable. In the course of the day we can see sun, drizzle, sun, clouds and everything in between. Our tours are very rarely due to weather as the conditions are typically fleeting. The classic saying is that if you don't like the Skagway weather now, just wait 45 minutes. A sunny, warm day might end up rainy and vice versa.
Will we get wet on the rafting ride?
No, this tour is a scenic and mellow float tour and does not contain any whitewater or rapids. Ponchos can be supplied if there is a drizzle but we recommend bringing your camera along as there is no worries about splashing water.
What's the largest group size?
The maximum group size that the rafts can hold is 11 people.

Quick Facts


4h 00min

The minimum age for participants is 4 years old.

Cancel up to 14-days before the tour for a refund. No refund is available if canceled within 14-days of the tour. If for any reason your tour is canceled, or if your cruise ship’s schedule changes, you will receive a refund. Refunds do not include any non-refundable fees.



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